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AddisonA gets to FTV with her best friend, and she experiences FTV for the first time as an adult. SheA is 19 and very excited about filming. SheA’s a cute addition to our site with her adorable look and large breasts. The girls meet at cafe Erin is introduced and within no time they are playing and faking each other’s breasts! The girls are noticed by others and it is time for them to go. Addison takes ErinAs top off at a different location. We see her beautiful breasts fully exposed. She then puts on a blue summer dress with tall wedges and goes to the park for some great up- and down-dress shots. Addison joins the fun, playing with her breasts and spreading her butt. Addison is a very curious child and has wanted to touch Erin for some time. Erin begins spreading her fingers and fingering her naked body, looking wide open in the public and stuffing her four fingers! Random passerby sees her but does not get mad and decides to snap pictures! Returning home, Erin used a vibrator for masturbation. She experienced a strong urge and visible vaginal contractions. She then attempts to eat a large cucumber doggy-style. Addison pushes it into her as far as she can. She then tries to dissapearA it in her vagina with another smaller zucchini. Then she takes one and double stuffs it! Addison cannot keep her hands from ErinA and loves to play with her vegetables. We get to view ErinAA’s intimate parts from close up on the bed. She shows off her clit and then spreads her vagina. You can watch her move her gaping vagina. Addison assists with spreading and tugs on ErinA’s long labia to stretch and twist them. Addison then inserts the toy in ErinA’s vagina, pushing it slowly and up close. The duo made their large breasts visible at lunch and compared them. They want more public nudity so they head to the busy station for gas and show their breasts. Erin returns home and is then introduced to Vibraking Toy. She has a strong orgasm, with several squirts. She said that she experienced the most intense orgasm in her entire life. For the ultimate foot loverAs shoot, they play together with one anotherAs feet. They kiss, suck on and massage each otherAs breasts using their feet. They both have beautiful feet! We get to see ErinA massage her breasts hard and jiggle them around, as well as feel the massaging of her butt. Erin uses AddisonA to spread her butt. She then goes for two fingers, and talks about some of her encounters with anal sex. As a finale to the sunset, Erin takes a run on a hillside trail. We get to see her big breasts bouncing around! Her cameltoe is visible and she pulls out her labia from her yoga pants. Enjoy this Total First Time Teen. WeAre glad she reached us via the beautiful Addison. It was great to see them together… only on FTV.

From: ftvgirls
Date: September 25, 2022
Category: Lesbian

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