Ali Shows Off That Body –


Last week I had been with my buddy, Sexy Vanessa and we were both motivated. Little did she know I received my friend Roc to come over and treat us with his big cock and talented tongue. Then Roc took out his black monster, and Vanessa and I took turns sucking it. Subsequently Roc turned his tongue towards Vanessas pussy, although I continued to suck on his prick. Then we switched and Roc never missed a beat. He had been a real fucking machine. Thankfully, Roc began to fuck my sexy asshole. Having that dark meat up my ass, made me feel really good. In the end, Roc pulled place and Vanessa and I shared a massive load of the chocolate cum. What a way to begin a weekend.

Date: October 5, 2020
Actors: Ali
Category: Shemale

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