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College kids these days! Alyssa Lynn and professors Sara Jay are tired and sick of their students, they can not wait for the term. Prof. Lynn gets jealous when Prof. Jay admits that she will destress through the day by slipping to the college bathroom to use her vibrator, so Prof. Jay gives her a lesson from Relaxing 101 with a little girl-on-girl activity! But the busty educators are tits outside and tongues in right there in the classroom while, among Prof. Lynn’s pupils walks in! He is there to pick up his phone which she had confiscated, but the turned-on teachers are too flustered to do anything but 1) closed him up about what he witnessed, and 2) get his hard dick outside so that he could finish what they started! View this student-teacher threesome to find out the ideal approach today to respect your instructors!

Date: May 20, 2019
Category: Threesome

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