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There are insane black cock whores. There are crazy black cock whores. Subsequently, theres Annette Schwartz who lives and breathes only for her next black cock mend. The shortage of decent large black dicks in the Fatherland brings her to BlackTown, USA. Once here Annette hit on the search engines to find where white girls can get their fill of anonymous black cocks. That this vile bathroom was found by her in the city’s rough area. Once within the dirty pictures in the wall gave her the green light to kickstart a few orgasms out while she waited to get the legendary black penis. It wasnt long until she got her wages plus Annette wasted no time in devouring that black sausage. Annettes pace is usually reserved for this of a BMWs piston but shes hell bent on becoming as much goo from that black penis as possible. Annette yells the faceless thug by rubbing her pussy lips along his big black shaft. She continues her sucking black cock until she gets showered together with his nut butter.

Date: January 4, 2019
Category: Facial

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