Baby Boom fingers herself.. –


Blue-eyed Kaleb and dark-haired Archie spent time together over the weekend so they can get better acquainted. The lean cutie is hoping athletic Archie will take it easy on him. “Ill believe it to get a cutie like you,” says Archie. “So, whats your favorite thing to do? Whats your fetish?” Inquires Kaleb. “Well, penetrating a sexy guy just like you!” Replies a horny Archie. “Do you like when somebody goes deep on your cock? Like a nice, good deep throat in which eyes have been watering,” asks Kaleb. “Oh yeahhhh! Are your eyes moving to water for me” Queries Archie. “We can try, I mean I enjoy that. It turns me on,” answers Kaleb. “You want to deep throat? Oooh! Not everybody is able to do it but will you?” inquires Archie. “Well watch! Maybe. If youre blessed!” States Kaleb smirking.

Date: October 8, 2020
Actors: Baby Boom
Category: Gay porn

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