Brat! Arrgh! –


The fire of lexi was a great adventure in combined messages. Some may call it topping from the floor, others may call it bratty, I will allow you to pick and call it everything you will.Lexi asked for a hard flogging and I made sure to dish it out along with some facial humiliation to lower her down a notch, but she had been on the verge of crying from misery and pain the entire time. (She maintained afterward she had been”ripping” and was not even close her limitations…I call BS..but I cant be 100% positive ) Of course I do not mind ramping up it because no one will die from a difficult flogging, however, it kept my crew on border for 5 hours straight, inducing us to quit and start to be able to check in with her and wipe off the tears. To add insult to injury, I was educated by her in the interview saying I had been to easy. Arrgh! If she has the guts for a rematch, it’s likely to become a steel cage bout between us and we will see if her ass can cash the checks her mouth wrote.

Date: October 20, 2019
Actors: Lexi Belle
Category: Submission

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