Brutal Elbow and crotch rope.. –


Welcome one of our very own. Scarlet Artificial is the sexy, sexy tough woman that operates within our marketing department.This is our meet and greet with Scarlet, this is really the place we examine her strengths and weaknesses, and see what we can and cannot do for the rest of the day. We judge how tough the version is, and how to proceed. We do all the tying on screen, it all happens in”real time”.We begin with a brutal elbow tie, yank it up and expose her hittable ass. Her resolve is tested by the us and her work out is absolute. She is able to take it with the very best of them and also we dish out it . We tie her hands and attach them to a crotch rope. Grab her legs and suspend her again. The crotch rope awakens deep in her pussy as she’s lifted off the floor and in. We cane her hard on the toes and calves and then we leave her cum a few times, we then leave her to endure in the bondage that is brutal. She may do nothing but suffer from the bondagewithout the hope for escape…

Date: November 13, 2019
Actors: Scarlet Faux
Category: Submission

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