I´ve been a fiscal manager who has been running a Ponzi scheme for a long time now. I take monney from shareholders and say I am investing the funds, but I only pay attention on the funds and set the remainder of the money into my overseas account. No one would suspect such a pillar of this community. I intend to depart soon, get some plastic surgery to modify my looks and render all my idiotic customers broke. I´m awaiting the limo driver to take my to the charity ball and now I flip if the door opens, but instead of my driver, it is an amazon woman dressed in dark leather. She unzips her tight corset shirt and XXXX my mind into her big tits smothering me. I beat her with her gloved fists, however she is rough I tell her where the cash is. I refuse to cooperate with the tall woman, but soon the room goes black and I’m out cold. I awaken to find this outstanding lady stripping my eening dress off my body and annoys me. I attempt to catch up off the ground but that also the bitch straddles me breast smothers me with those enormous tits. I cough and gasp as she disturbs me I head out chilly. I really believe her lifting my body and I wake up brutally jump into a chair – my elbows smashed together painfully behind my back and my mouth XXXX open into a tight cleave gag. She demands that the account information that is offshore and climbs on top of my bound body. I keep to deny every thing, but I am getting weak by her tough breast feeding. She manhandles my entire own body touching me anywhere and I can tell she is getting turned on. Miss Gia Love catches my pussy and then fondles it with her hands then pinches my nipples till they harden. She ungags me kisses me we can be together forever. She makes me dripping wet and ready to do anything she asks. My pussy betrays me and I am so hoto and bothered with her carresses that I agree to tell her everything. I blurt out the offshore account number and inform my Amazonian fan to spare me so we could begin a life . Instead the callous bitch straddles my lap and smothers me with her large tits until I can&intense;t breath…

Date: August 9, 2019
Category: General porn

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