I&extreme;ve been waiting ten years to get revenge over the six foot woman high school basketball celebrity that got me fired from my teaching job that is tenured. A complaint was also filed by her while I was head coach, just since I groped her tits. I drag her to my garage behind her back elbows crushed tightly bound along with her wrists – extreme & hasn; t any idea what is currently happening to her and she is pitiful. You have me fired from my job as head coach missy and I is my revival. I push the tall leggy young thing and sit on her lap into unbotton her panties and expose her little tits. You made me catch the tits in the locker room – it& so severe;s your fucking fault!! I shove them inside her face and pull my tits. Since I continuue binding her body jump to the seat and procuring her down she starts to beg and plea. Poor brunette is crying her eyes out. I know you would like to see my face as I unwrap the blindfold I say. Poor Paige Erin Tuurner – Football celebrity!!! You can&severe Again I sit on her lap and smother her face with my tits. I push a massive shop rag and I get sick of her voice begging her moans with layers and layers of silver duct tape. Let&severe;s see overlook jock – what when I shove my Hitachi Magic Wang I shake up the vibrator and twists in the chair. I put the vibrator to her crotch rope XXXX it. Next come the clothes pins one on each of your athletic nipples that are prized. Paige&severe;s eyes widen in panic as they are attached by me and she’s crying underneath her gag. Awwww – overlook ´Can you look adorable losing management???

Date: October 28, 2019
Category: General porn

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