Cue stick love session! –


The game off pool will never be the same for you again after watching this racey set with Linet and her gorgeous blonde girlfriend Sasha Rose. These beauties decided on a night at the local bar for a game of side pocket, but it wasn’t long before they decided they needed their own pockets filled and a cue stick love session unfurled!Linet warms up Sasha’s pretty shaved sugar cube on the table with her tongue, and lubes the pool stick up with her mouth before tickling her asshole with it. Then, presto, the cue stick goes in, condom and all, and Sasha writhes in ecstasy! Then it’s Sasha’s turn to butter up Linet’s little muffin and stick the cue up her ass too. Only Linet’s a dirty girl and takes that cue without a condom! naughty little vixens. Something to think about next time your shooting pool!

Date: February 1, 2020
Actors: Sasha Rose
Category: Lick & Suck

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