Desperate Delivery –


How does it feel when a pizza delivery girl bursts into peeing? This video will show you. Pizza delivery scenes have been a staple in adult video since the beginning of time. This scene shows us what might happen to a delivery girl who arrives at the doorstep to deliver SoshaaEUR(tm). Alisha, clearly desperate to pee and asking Sosha for her toilet use plans on asking Sosha. But, Sosha shuts the door before she can get her words out. Alisha is about to burst and has to call again. Sosha doesn’t think it wise to allow strangers into her house to use the toilet. Sosha isn’t sure what to do with AlishaaEUR ™, even though her situation seems dire. Sosha finally gives permission for AlishaaEUR ™, to go and pee. Alisha sprints quickly to the toilet, but she is already too late. She freezes and bends down, then grabs her crotch right in the middle the living room. Alisha is peeing through her pants, and she can’t stop. Sosha is horrified as the young girl who delivered the pizza watches in horror as she pees all over her living room. Alisha offers to pay back SoshaaEUR(tm), and she will clean up the mess. Sosha says no, but insists that everything is fine. Alisha walks away, her jeans wet and embarrased. Sosha breathes relief, knowing that she will have to clean up the mess, but still has her pizza.

From: hdwetting
Date: August 20, 2022
Category: Pissing

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