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Hi Guys I Am Miriam and I’m a Woman.

I’ve got large tits. Once I woke up and knew immediately because I awakened playing with myself, it was going to become one of those days. I gave myself a believer as I frequently do to hold myself until I had the time to do it right. I just happened to have the day off so that I didn’t have a long wait I had to put myself up and to a sexy where. I came in and stood in front of my sofa and started caressing my body around, then and massaging against my huge soft tits my legs and tummy. I started moving my butt from side to side as I caressed my hot ass and turning my entire body after which I turned back and began rubbing and squeezing my tits. I sat down and started caressing my legs and playing with my tits, squeezing and massaging them hard and then slowly pulling down my bra straps. I slid my finger inside my panties’ waist and pulled them and then attained further inside and began rubbing against my pussy. I took my bra off and began pushing them together, squeezing and massaging my tits then I began moving my body and leaned forward, swinging my enormous tits from side to side. I continued playing with my tits and sat up and I glanced back and rubbed my pussy, at first outside my panties slipping my hands back inside. I started rubbing my bum along with them and lifted my legs and then I stood up and started playing pulling them away in my body and teasing myself. My body flipped and started massaging against my ass and enjoying with tits, rubbing and squeezing them before taking a chair on the arm of the couch. I spread my legs wide and began massaging my pussy up and down and then leaned all the way back and then I began pulling my lips, spreading my pretty pink open wide and pulled on my panties. I stood up and pulled on my panties down just past my sexy ass after which I started moving my hips from side to side and massaging and squeezing my bum. I pulled my panties all the way down and have my bum into Doggy and then I spread my pussy wide open and started rubbing myself down and up. I wanted to get an orgasm right here and now but I knew when I kept occupying myself it would be much better, therefore I sat down and started playing with my tits leaned back spreading my receptive horrible wide. I went back to sucking on my hands playing rubbing myself down and up, spreading my pussy and playing with my tits and nipples. I got my hands wet and all horrible and I started massaging my clit, teasing myself as I pulled my nipples that were stiffened and played with my tits. I teased myself more as I played with my pussy and put and tits and then I sat up on the back of the sofa and began massaging my clit as fast as I could. I gave myself a massive orgasm like I knew I would then because I liked the buzz from deep inside my 31, I played with my tits and nipples.

Date: May 13, 2020
Category: Upskirt

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