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The Baroness has returned from the dead, nothing left, robbed by her own name. She’s searching for revenge and ready to hunt. . Her victim? The one man who’s responsible for this: Mr. Kayne. To locate him she will start a BDSM-vendetta like never noticed before. It’ll be painful! The first thing is Mr. Chambers, the IT-Expert of the arch enemy, Mr. Kayne. She catches the weakling in an underground parking garage and hammering him into her dungeon of agony. First she ties him up into the pillory and restricts him. Without any way to escape he must endure the endless mind games of the Baroness. Mr. Chambers withstands the interrogation however, the Baroness can’t hold her internal sadistic feelings any longer. She simply must mistreat him with mummification, extreme bondage, and also intensive nipple distress. However, Mr. Chambers is still not ready to talk. Measures need to be taken. It is time to peg his unwilling hole to get him talking.

From: Kink_revengeofthebaroness.com
Date: June 14, 2019
Category: Spanking

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