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Trey Turner goes looking and back on ExtraBigDicks. Hes excited to help us welcome newcomer Evin Brampton. Evin is currently 21 years old and out of Brent in Ontario. Canada, eh? Hmmm. Trey hes a hottie that is neighborhood from right here in Miami and is now 23 years old today. We asked them. Favorite is Halloween and that he loves to spend it. Trey was gont state the identical thing but chosen for Thanksgiving which he loves to spend with friends. Trey enjoys it because he loves to cook. We believed if their ex-boyfriends were requested by us exactly what these two would win a gold at the Olympics for. For Evin it would be aggressive. As he acknowledges hed win a medal out of his boyfriends for being an amazing bottom trey blushes. They are both hung and admit its remarkable because it seems times, to have guys cant handle it when they try to take it. Trey urges you breathe when we asked these for hints on taking big cocks. Evin feels it drops on the shirts shoulders and also to understand how to pleasure somebody vs. damaging them . Any questions?Trey walks with some coffee for Evin to help him awaken but discovers that pieces of Evin are bright and early as Evin strokes his morning wood. Trey brought in java but dozens breakfast as he goes south to sample Evins thick sausage. Evin has to work and spreads his thighs. He savors every inch of the thick cock because Evin watches that meat is serviced by him. Evins torso is smooth and defined as well as his dedication at the gym shows. As he starts to fuck his face, he stands to give better accessibility to Trey. Trey opens wide as Evin shoves it. As Evin begins to strip Trey needing to return the 16, they start to make out. Since Evin gets on his knees to explore that which he has to offer you trey is rock tough. Evin sucks his cock as he strokes it making Trey moan with pleasure. Since they take turns sucking each other cocks, the chemistry between both is obvious. They make each other hot and horny and ready for much more than merely some head.Evin then gets Trey on his spine as he slides his thick uncut cock within him moan. Grunts and begs for more as Evin fucks him tougher. You like my butt? As Evin pounds him harder trey yells. As he gets that ass stretched open, cant get enough. Evin grabs Treys cock as he start to knock him off as he is impaled by him. Evin bends him to fuck that ass doggy style and gets Trey up. Trey gives up it as Evins balls slap away at Treys hole and bends over the sofa. Pound my ass! Requests as Evin rails him harder and grabs that tight waist of his. Evin slips that dick deep and gets more in store as he flips up his legs on his mind and gets Trey on the floor. He begins to fuck that ass as he pile drives it. He squats up and down as he stuffs that butt with dick. Trey is jacking his cock. As his cock hangs over his head since he shoots all over his own chest, he cant hold his load long. Evin sits back and licks his nut all. Mission accomplished.

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Date: April 14, 2019
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