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Princess Renee would like to hold a contest for face-slapping, but she will give a BIG prize to the slave with the highest number of slaps. He can worship her ass. It is a rare privilege, and the slaves beg for their participation in face-slapping competitions. Both of them sound quite pathetic. Renee shows off her beautiful, bikini-clad body to the slaves. You’ll be able to admire her amazing ass and want your own face shaved too.

After that, Princess Renee commands her slave to bow before her. Let’s get to the fun part. The two slaves are slapped in the faces by her. She thanks them repeatedly, and they are compelled to continue to give her slaps. After Princess Renee has done enough to slap them, she then turns her back and allows the winning slave to lick her genitals. To get his tongue in the hole, he’s instructed to take her bikini off to one side. The losing slave will be left to crawl into the dungeon, where he’ll spend all afternoon biting his genitals. As Renee’s hole is being eaten, the last 2 minutes are filled with intimate ass worship.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: June 8, 2022
Category: Latin

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