Gangland #20, Scene #01 –


The sneer and tousled hair of James Dean, insert the face of a boy band front man and plant you Jerry and that along with the body of an underwear model – well, you have him. We forgot that the part about needing to include on the dick of a porn star and not only long, but as fat as an sausage as we’ve seen dangling at a very long time!Ancient lore regarding tattoos say that placement of them leads to insight into the personality of a person, by his appointment, we already know there’s a little freak in Mr. Jerry. When the clothes come off and we all see at which he’s decorated his body….makes me consider we only hit the tip of the iceberg. Together with his taller surfer construct, jet black hair, extremely flat stomach and tats across the shoulders, his back and on the side with his ribcage, it leaves you craving to find out more about the dark knight.I texture the camera guy had the identical instinct. . .usually no questions are asked when the show begins, nevertheless Jerry was more than willing to offer the info engaged in working up that beef thru his clothes, how hot he had been. We could even consider about Jerry that he adores exploring his body. . .once worked and nude, Jerry begins massaging his hole lets head on his stomach of that nut.

Date: March 27, 2020
Actors: Sabrina Jade
Category: Gay porn

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