Gas Mask Girls –


I put on the cold ground hands handcuffed behind my back. My ankles are also cuffed. I attempt to roll up but it’s difficult. I cry out for assistance, but no one can hear me. After a while a masked man enters bringing within my own accountant Lana Lane. Lana&severe;s arms have been hugely tie from above her elbows into her wrists. She sobs and shouts from the pain. The guy threatens Lana – he needs the password we will both be tormented for days and times. Lana cries but neglects. The man drags Lana around to a winch placing her into an almost perpendicular strappado. He strikes her legs and legs a large amount of rope in ankles to calves, knees and upper thighs. Lana&extreme;s balance is tight and she swings back and on her buttocks bearing the pain. The masked guy XXXX a ring gag into her mouth then opens her panties and also applies nipple clamps to her tits. She also drools uncontrollably a puddle forming around her feet. He torments her for quite a while using a tazer sending shock waves through her bound body. Poor helpless Lana´s body dollars and shakes to the jolt. I shout and implore him to let her go. He removes her panties and then pushes them into her mouth through the ring gag wrap her mind together with layers of silver duct tape. He threatens to rejoicing Lana by holding her nose closed and finally Lana resigns and gives the password to him. He belongs to confirm the computer and wipe all of the data and keys out of my business – what’s missing today. He also gags me duct tape and then combines the wrist cuffs into the ankle cufs with a short chain and padlock prior to leaving us . We sob helpless and desperate knowing we won´t be discovered.

Date: October 12, 2020
Actors: Anna Rose / DutchDame
Category: Gay porn

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