Pretty long legged blonde Star Nine comes into see her attorney but I am there instead. I pretend I am intense, her attorney & ; s partner and start to interview her. Star is the government key witness at a murder trial and it’s my plan that she won´t manage to testify. I keep with the meeting plumetting Star with queries about seeing that the man walk up to the cashier and take him, and she informs. I show that I am the attorney for the suspect and Star is injected by me using a woozey drug. She becomes so compliant as I start to tie her wrists behind her back. I tell the important witness that she is confused about what she thinks she confused and seen Star moans with me and nods her head. Nice!! The medication is powerful. Star is just stupidly consenting to everything and I bind her wrists I say at this point. I tie each ankle up against her thigh at a frog tie onto the chair and dumb bimbo Star barely realizes what is happening. She giggles and moans as I have a brand new nonincriminating deposition and also whip out a recorder. Perfect!! Star doesn´t remember what the guy looked like and also who had the weapon. I don&severe;so that I shove a red ballgag into her mouth watering her 26,, t should hear anything more. I add a final bit of rope around severe & sweet Star;s tie it off to the rear of the seat and neck. I see the woman struggle inside her bondage. I&severe;m off to see the judge with your announcement my loved ones. I suppose your lawyer will see you someplace my beloved… you see, so my client who taken the convenience store clerk will be here soon to take very great care of you.

Date: October 9, 2019
Category: General porn

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