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Hi I’m Sabina, and I Am out of Prague.

If you like blondes with tits that are Big , then I’m your girl! I’ve also got curves & Baby blue eyes that wont stop. I love to have a man’s long cock between my luscious melons! Talking of that, I was outside with some of my grandparents, with a drink, last night. We were having a really good time we were talking about all the pleasures they give and boys. This 1 bartender was paying a lot of focus to us I should say paying my big tits and that I a lot of focus. I had with this sexy low cut top, my tits were anywhere, the night, and his own eyes have been there. It was getting late, and they had been going to shut. He came over and asked me if I would like to go have a drink . I was feeling a bit drunk and I was very horny and did want to fuck, afterwards discussing sex all night with my pals, so I agreed. We ended with this 1 pub around the corner but they had already closed so that I invited him back to my place for a nightcap and.Once we got to my location I advised him to make himself at home, and now that I excused myself to get only a moment. He had been sitting on my sofa, As soon as I returned. I walked behind him, and bent down, then placing my juice tits. We began kissing. I looked down and noticed that a massive bulge in his pants so I pulled out his cock reached down and slowly began jerking it up and down . I ran my tongue up and down and glanced over his shaft prior to bobbing my head and slipping it. I gave his penis a good slobbering because I moved over closer to him showing him my large tits I took my shirt off. He reached out, grabbed my tits and began licking themflicking his tongue around my nipples one by one. I moved back down, wrapped my lips and began slurping away. I held his penis firmly in my hand as I licked his balls, one after another over and over. I took my bra off, started massaging against the outside of my pussy from top to bottom and laid back on the sofa, teasing my clit. My pussy started getting wet. He leaned down, then buried his face between my thighs and started licking at my wet pussy around, giving my clit a tonguing. He slipped his fingers in my hot pit and began hammering me, slipping his fingers in and out of the pussy deeper and more profound. He got up, putting his long thick cock over my head, I opened up my mouth and squeezed it in. I slobbered all over his huge cock from top to bottom. He began fucking them together with strokes and pulled on his extended slick cock slipping it between my soft tits. I laid there on my back watching him slipped his long cock between my tits repeatedly. I simply love to watch myself being titty fucked it could feel my pussy getting wetter and gets me hot. He slipped his penis from between my tits, spread my thighs wide open and gradually slid his hard cock into my hot pussy. He slipped his hard throbbing cock in and out of the hot pink hole repeatedly. I kept my big soft tits and squeezed them, pushing them together and shaking them since he continued to fuck my pussy harder and deeper with each stroke. He put down and slowly pulled his throbbing shaft that was long from my moist hole. I began bouncing up and down shoved his cock into my pussy and got along with my round ass on top facing him. I leaned back and he began pumping his cock in and out of my pussy quick and hard. I laid back facing him on my side and ended up slipping his cock from my wet pussy. He began fucking me hard and instantly slipped his cock into my pussy, thumping with force against my round ass. I could feel as he kept pounding out tougher and harder, his balls slapping my moist pussy over and over. I looked back and stared into his eyes as he stuck his tongue deep. He pulled his wet cock and stuck it right in my mouth, his penis was coated with my pussy juice, his cock tasted so sweet and felt so warm. I slurped down and up his shaft that was long, then I held his penis in my hands as I sucked his balls and licked. Because I jerked up and down to his cock he squirted down my tits and grabbed some oil. He rubbed all over my huge soft tits and began massaging them, squeezing them too hard. I started sucking as hard as I could and hoovered his thick cock back into my mouth. I held his throbbing cock and tongued his balls. I stuck my curved ass up in the atmosphere and got placed on all fours, he put behind my slipped back his long hard cock into my hot hole. He slipped his cock in and out of my pussy with long hard strokes, quicker and quicker. My tits shook from the pounding out of control he gave me in the rear. He pulled on his cock out of my moist pussy and put down, I pushed his cock up into my pussy and jumped on top of him , putting my tits straight in his face. He began pumping his cock in and out of my sexy pussy fast and hard, forcing it deeper with each stroke. I ended up, slipping his thick wet cock and stuck it in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down again giving his pussy penis a slobbering that was fantastic. He slapped it right between my huge tits and I pulled on his cock from my mouth and started fucking them quick and hard. He slid his hard wet cock out of my tits and I suck on it back. His penis was meaty, I could truly feel its weight on my tongue as I slobbed down and up. He stuffed it back into my moist pussy and pulled on his thick cock. He started fucking my pussy like he had a grudge. It felt so great. I grabbed my succulent and started licking my nipples as he shoved his cock deeper into my wet pussy over and over. He pulled on his slick cock out of my moist pussy and shot a thick wad of cum all. Before sticking in my 16, I caught his cock and slowly licked the tip. I wished to be sure I got every drop! Read more

From: Ddfbusty.com
Date: September 10, 2019
Actors: Sabina
Category: Handjob

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