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Hey there Guys, I’m Zoe, I understand that I haven’t been around for some time, but I broke up with my boyfriend and’ve been spending a lot of time alone. Lately I’ve been craving using a woman’s hands and tongue on my physique. I thought about all of my sexy girlfriends and only one stood out in my head. Her name is Jennifer, so you might have noticed her about, I called her up and invited her over for a small girl to girl, if you understand exactly what I mean. I hadn’t seen her in a while which was part of my plan, I needed the comfort of understanding her, but that I needed the excitement of it not having a regular thing. I was sitting in my bathtub full of milk along with my black fishnets on waiting for Jennifer to come. She came from behind me dressed in black using high-heeled shoes along with also a ridding crop in her hand. She got down on her knees and then ran the crop throughout my entire body , up my legs and in my breast. I shot the harvest out of her hand and she got into the bathtub and then I slapped her ass with the crop and began rubbed it all on her hot sexy body. I caught up and began rubbing her around and that I grabbed the crop and smacked my wet ass hard, delivering a heat wave through my body that exciting me to no conclusion. I received in to Doggy and that I spread my ass wide and she chose the crop back to my ass like I was hoping she would. I got out of the tub and sat on the side and Jennifer conducted the crop all over my body and then she began rubbing my pussy with her hand. I glanced back and began playing with my tits and Jennifer began licking my grab up and down and then she slid her fingers inside and started moving them in and out nice and slow. She caught her aqua colored dildo plus I got back into the tub with a single leg on the side and then I reached and spread my butt opening up myself nasty wide, giving her a clear entry way in. She sucked the dildo getting it all wet and then she slid it directly inside and began fucking my pussy with long strokes. She pulled out the dildo from my twat and dangling on the side of the bathtub and then I started licking her pussy up and down and teasingly flicking my tongue across her pretty pink clit. She grabbed and held me with my hair and chose the crop back to my buttocks since continued licking her pussy around and then I dipped my hands in the tub of milk and poured on her pussy making it wetter than it was before. I grabbed my purple dildo and gave it a great suck and then I started rubbing it up and down her twat teasing her up well before siding it indoors. I slid the dildo in and out as I licked her up and down. Jennifer stood up with one leg in the tub and other one on the side and then I fucked her pussy from down under. She got back into the tub and started licking on my nipples and then I sat on the side and she went directly back to licking me up before slipping the dildo back inside. She slipped the dildo in and out of my pussy making me wetter with each stroke after which she got to Doggy and I sat together with her and fucked her tight pussy from above and behind. I touched down dipping my hands in the tub and poured milk all over her ass and pussy and then I started fucking her hard and fast. I awakened and Jennifer started rubbing my legs and buttocks with the crop and then traded her amazement for her dildo and fucked my pussy with long hard strokes. I began bounced up and down forcing the dildo even deeper inside my pussy and she began licking me and sucking my clit. I sat back down into the bathtub with my legs spread open wide and Jennifer grabbed the nozzle and began spraying my body from my tits down into my puss. She spread my broad and inspector that the nozzle from side to side, my grab and clit were sensitive it felt like I could feel every fall. I got up into Doggy and Jennifer stood up and then spread my ass after which she started massaging her riding crop around my hot and wet pussy. She slid the crop between my garter belt and began played with my pussy with her bare hand, disperse my pretty pink open and then slid her hands inside. She took her crop back to my own pussy rubbing it up and down and then I snapped and my caressed and rubbed each other all over. Jessica sat on the face of the bathtub and I sat right between her thighs and then she reached around from behind me and began playing with my tits and snatch. She grabbed her dildo and slid it back in my twat and that I caught my dildo and gave it a suck and then slid it up into her pink juice hole. We all fucked each others pussy with long hard strokes played with each others tits and then we got to Doggy and fucked each other more. We slid the dildos from our moist cunts and stuck in each others mouths therefore that we each taste the sweetness of one another’s twats and Jennifer hand cuffed us together and lead me off!

Date: January 11, 2019
Actors: Jennifer Stone
Category: Domination

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