Into Our Asses, Into Our.. –


Airen and Kandy, Mistresses Airen & Kandy, have their slaves set up on the sofa ready for use as furniture. The mistresses lay their heads on the couch and begin to torture and tease them. They must tap when the bitches feel they’re about to suffocate. These slaves lackluster taps make it difficult for them to be committed. They will not listen to the dominas’ pleas for mercy. To wake the little ones up, they crank their nipples. They turn their backs to the camera and see that it is their pussies doing the most ass-crushing. The women realize that human seat cushions are becoming a lot more boner. Kandy commands them to jerk, and reminds them they’re lucky that each other isn’t forced to jerk!

Date: September 6, 2022
Category: Smoking

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