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Beverly Hills will be kept by PD, where they belong: out in the barn. She’s no different than any other dog. This means she will urinate on the ground and take her food from a bucket. The hardware on her body makes it difficult, but it’s not PD’s responsibility to make her’s life easier. His sole concern is to train bitches so they obey their men. It is not an easy task. It’s one thing to take cock, but it is quite another to pack the huge dildos. It is her job to get every bit of it, and she will be able to stretch her legs to the limits. She isn’t done until it is exhausted. Her tight grip can’t handle the next level. This was only the beginning. You will have to go through the rest of your day. PD is the most difficult training school in existence.

From: infernalrestraints
Date: September 27, 2022
Category: Bondage

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