Luxurious doll Marianna.. –


I come in the room carrying a very, very long rope and that I challenge Jim Hunter to tie me up with it. Of course he begins by tightly roping my elbows and there is still a great deal of rope. He harnesses my spine and that I ´m wondering that he will do. He grabs a wrist and yanks it up and secures about still having over half the rope it there while I taunt him. He does the same to my other hand and I´so that I can catch my tits!! m jump He up through my pussy exposing my panties by placing a tight crotch rope and attracts the rope! He rolls me assessing how much rope is abandoned and lays me down and there is still lots of rope. My legs are crossed by him and ends off me in a hogtie. The fucker lifts up me to my knees and now that I lose my balance that naturally is what he needs! He shoves at a super huge ballgag in my mouth pushes me down on leaving me hogtied and struggling on the floor. Before leaving Jim says all you have to do is achieve that one knot in your toes…

Date: May 22, 2020
Category: Fetish

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