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Im in the kitchen preparing to earn a flavorful cup of tea. Im wearing a tight pink t-shirt, a big and lovely white M4, along with also my shapely legs are bare. I fill the pot up at the sink, along with the sound of the water in the faucet reminds me my bladder hasnt been emptied in such a long time. Im thirsty however, so Im still going to get the tea, even though I am aware that it may trick me over the border, if you understand what I mean? ;-RRB- I put in a tea bag to my cup, and once the pot has boiled, pour out the warm water, savouring the steamy aroma. I slurp greedily, as I do like to keep myself hydrated, but before Im halfway through my cuppa, my bladder starts to respond how I thought it would! As I stand at the kitchen countertop, I believe a beautiful warm release oozing into my M4, filling it up and allow it to grow tighter even around me. I take on supping my tea because I drain myselfand it feels so glowing taking liquid in at one end whilst spurting out it of another at precisely exactly the same moment! I lovingly run my fingertips on my crotch, when Im finally invested, I can hear my M4 squelch and slop with every movement that I make. I then lean above the kitchen counter along with my elbows resting on the surface as I finish my cuppa, so I can flaunt my peachy bum from behind. That felt so great. And there is still water at the kettleI wonder if I need to make another tea? 😉

From: Mydiaperdiary.com
Date: July 16, 2019
Actors: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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