Machine Head –

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Tender Calico is seated on a bed of spikes after spending time locked at a cavert, a metal device employed in English dungeons young. Mr. Pogo provides her morning fuck, initial at the cunt afterward the buttocks. Then, cold metal plugs her ass. A whip hits her pussy. PD pulls the vibrator away, although after all of that, Calico begs to emerge. He states not today. He walks away. Humiliation is followed by humiliation. She’s exercised, led around from the mouth a metallic gag with chain. She creeps about like some kind of creature. It’s cocksucking practice. Calico ends up with a face. Has been a procedure, a prep for the coup de grace, a new gizmo new from PD’s mind. Calico’s locked in a box. Her head sticks out. Screw clamps, hooks, and tighteners manipulate, stretch, and media her face and head. The vibrator returns, pressing against her pussy. Unwisely although this time she comes does not inform him. His revenge is exacted by PD. The vibrator runs at high rate. Calico makes noises of distress. He leaves plugs her mouth.

Date: December 17, 2018
Actors: Calico
Category: Bondage

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