Meet Envy pt 1 –


So here we are in Envys apartment, I have been so eager to find this girl beating off! I recognized immediately when I interviewed her again, that I needed to fuck her brains out. So, we are driving to Envys apartment for her first shoot, also Annie decides to throw the camera and start shooting a documentary style movie. . She opens the door, Im rolling, red button is around RECORD, OMG….Envys in her dressing table and gives me a tour and reveals me into the depths of her own drawers! You won’t believe how many sex apparatus this woman has! Not only vibrators and dildos but EVERYTHING. We´ve got mouth washes fists, speculums, hot heels, doctors apparatus and everything to put your penis in! I want this woman to fuck me so bad!

Date: February 4, 2020
Actors: Envy
Category: General porn

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