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Writer Jackson has been spying on poor Miss Mathews and makes rude comments to her. She tells leader and her teacher on him. Professor Michelle and Primary Tangent decide to earn the trainer regret his manners and they phone him into their office. He is a jerk to Miss Mathews, but they are able to see right through himafter all, they deal with men like him from time to time and this is exactly precisely the reason why their school is indeed well-run, since they discipline all of the men employees themselves. Spank and paddle him. When they decide to ruin him with their 14, the clip begins. The three girls, yes Ricky, take turns placing the coach in his area, penalizing him completely with their firm canes that are hard.

From: Clubdom.com
Date: November 14, 2019
Actors: Goddess Tangent
Category: Bdsm

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