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Bella Rossi finds dom Dozer in her dungeon confined in bondage! Electricity pulses throughout his penis as he kneels with his hands tied above him. Dozer is a normal male dom — hes arrogant, mouthy, and needs to be set in his position. Nothing that appropriate training cant fix. Thus the electricity is cranked up by Bella and flogs Dozer over his chest and back again. She canes Dozers thighs, chest, butt, and toes as Dozer shouts in pain, unable to escape the Bellas reach. Then Dozer is tied down with 2 zippers across his stomach. Bella strikes him with her glorious pussy and butt before yanking those zippers off. Dozer yells in pain directly into Bellas cunt as the closepins are ripped from his flesh. Now that her toy is suffering, Bella puts Dozers mouth to the evaluation. She makes him lick her sweet cunt and her voluptuous ass as she jerks off on his face. Eventually, Bella decides to observe how nicely her new toy can fuck. She has him collared and leashed and requests him pump his pitiful cock out of her cunt till she is satisfied. Dozer keeps thrusting, regardless of the pain in his knees and increasing have to cum. This gloomy man cant maintain the gorgeous Goddess riding his cock that was hard. He ultimately fails to give his Mistress the amount of orgasms she wants and deserves. So Bella hops off his penis, jerks off it into her hands, and smears his cum all over his face that is disgusting. Itll take over one session to train that one.

Date: June 6, 2019
Actors: Bella Rossi / Dozer
Category: Femdom

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