My company has been searching for a warehouse location for the government contract we all hope to acquire. I arrive in the location and begin by asking questions. As is, he is renting, however before I sign I need to wait for my spouse. The man gives me a ridiculously significant cost for the building and to lowering the speed, I attempt to seduce him. I suggest sex to get a decrease in the expense and sit on his lap. He jacks up me against the wall and begins tying my elbows, but although I think he is open to my suggestion. He dismisses me and XXXX me down to the floor, although I warn me my partner will be here soon and plea for mercy and beg. He grabs rope and proceeds to tie my legs together with enormous amounts of rope binding them together by my torso ankles to my thighs. I tell him my entire body builder spouse Alexis Rain carries a weapon and she won&acute. The big brute Jim Hunter only keeps linking me along with the rope is tight. I give him a blow job, but he laughs and lifts me up shoving on a ballgag into my own mouth. I am brutally bound on the wooden chair. He wraps my head with layers of duct tape. He grabs her in a choke hold and presses a moist rag over her mouth and that I attempt to warn her to the monster hiding behind the doorway who ambushed me, although my partner arrives. The women struggles to fight off him, however, she is overtaken by the fumes and acute & she; s outside cold on the floor. He wraps her wrists and legs with lots of rope and strips her lace blouse off and she’s completely gagged. He slides up her body to a hook in the ceiling. Her feet are off the floor and she hangs like a side of beef turning as she fights in the barbarous suspension that is painful. He has I am blindfolded by him onto the floor and me hogtied. I roll around but my limbs have been all numb and I can&acute. We all scream though our gags and shout, however, we can not be heard by any one. We are left tape hopeless and gagged – one hogtied and one.

Date: September 10, 2019
Category: General porn

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