Patient and Nurse Battered.. –


Brogan Reed is experiencing trouble with his penis, and makes the decision to visit Dr. JJ Knight along with his assistant Nurse Sebastian Keys. After rigorous testing, the Dr. Knight concludes that the ideal solution is to strike Brogan’s erection until it moves down. Nurse Keys catches Brogan, while Dr. Knight beats Brogan’s hard penis, using his hands, along with a crop. Dr. Knight pulls out his ten inch cock and shoves it down Brogan’s moutharea. Dr. Knight’s new individual takes ten inches in his throat, until the doctor can’t restrain himself, also fills Brogan’s mouth with cum. Nurse Keys needs some sloppy moments, and ties Brogan to the bed until sticking his stiff cock Brogan’s throat. Dr. Knight determines that only he can take care of the individual, and proceeds to savagely beat Brogan and Nurse Keys using a crop. Nurse Keys dreams of the physician in a maxcita sleep slack, while he and Brogan lick all over the doctor’s luscious dick. Nurse Key’s awakens from the sweet fantasy, and finds himself in a padded cell adjacent to Brogan. Dr. Knight towers within his bound nurse and individual. The vengeful doctor paddles Nurse Keys and Brogan as they grovel on the floor. Dr. Knight then chains them into the ceiling, and then brutally flogs them till they cry for mercy. Dr. Knight enables down them and then presses them against the wall. The three form a fuck train as Dr. Knight thrusts his large penis in Nurse Keys’ buttocks, while Nurse Keys ass fucks Brogan against the wall. Nurse Keys desires even more cock, and takes Dr. Knight and Brogan’s dicks up his bum simultaneously. The intense double penetration leads Nurse Keys to take his sticky cum around Dr. Knight’s torso. Dr. Knight pushes off the nurse his penis and bends Brogan around to fuck the cum from him. Brogan takes Dr. Knights thick dick up his bum whilst Nurse Keys strokes that the cum out of his cock. Dr. Knight then brings Nurse Keys and then Brogan to the floor, where he showers their faces with his cum.

Date: June 14, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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