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IA’m now in my office working and minding my business as it is my second day on the job. One day, Debrah Ann walks into my office. She is extremely nice. It seems she does a lot around the office. She is good at fixing things and was here to repair the outlet in our wall. She pulls out her power drill, but can’t use it because she has a big fat, dildo attached to it. Not a bit of a screwdriver! It’s a dildo, what the heck! She seems embarrassed, but she only feigns it for a few seconds. Then she orders me to take off my clothes and lie down on the opposite side of the room. Okay, she’s cute and I have a job. Carey Riley is our manager after a fun session driving her drill dildo in my cunt. Although Carey looks pissed, it’s just an act. These girls are very skilled at what they do. IA is the new hot little bitch at the office, and both of them take turns alongside me. My job is my passion!

From: pornstarplatinum
Date: July 6, 2022
Category: Pornstar

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