Presley – Pretty –


Kat Monroe is a hot girl with a big, juicy ass and the spirit of a tough wench from bygone times. Shes the kind of girl you want to destroy and respect at the same time. This inspired Dr. Mercies, and he went to town on all her holes. He dressed her up like a voodoo doll and stabbed her mouth, ass, and pussy hundreds of times with long dildos and his cock. Were talking about some VERY rough gagging and ass fucking here–not the session you want to see if you prefer any sensual warmup. The good doctor blew his load in and around her eyes, then scrooped it up and drilled it down her throat with the dildos. Finally, he suspended her and vibrated her pussy in a mean way as a sort of half-reward. Kat was totally owned, but you have to respect her strength.

Date: September 8, 2020
Actors: Presley

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