Real Bushy Beavers #18,.. –


All teenager bondage whore Kendra Spade doesn’t know what shes searching for. She tells the stud that is Eddie Jaye that she will do anything to be able to delight him. She resides to do anything she’s told to perform. The dom knows just how to perform with a hungry whore like Kendra. He peeking her wrists and elbows and quickly rips off her tiny skirt. He makes her stand and teaches her the principles of the language of submission and discipline. With a red ball gag stuffed into a vibrator jammed onto her little pussy along with her mouth, the handler that is man begins to beat her perfect perky tits with a riding crop and a leather flogger. Kendra whimpers with pleasure as sweat begins to pool round the small of her back and a shade of pink turns. She begs to cum and grinds her cunt. Eddie indulges and only laughs his dream of orgasm denial. Shortly after Kendra is tossed into the floor like a rag doll. Her arms and legs are bound with rope bondage. She finds her sight eclipsed by darkness of cock also crouches low to ground. She’s tunnel vision and the dick captivates also her gaze. Be forced to gag to a tough blow job and also she begs to get it jammed down her throat. Eddie is just too happy to oblige and shoves his big black dick deep down her throat until it bulges over her collar bone. She drools because she chokes to the dick, never ending puddles of sloppy appetite. Eddie utilizes it to lube her pink pussy, causing her to cum the first of many orgasms and scoops her mess up. Dick is his hunger works towards her fuck holes. He gets her kneel and shoves his wang in her pussy. Her firm buttocks shakes and vibrates as she is fucked by him like a jack bunny. Kendra can breath because he chokes her neck and pulls on her cute ponytail. He flips her and takes ownership of Kendras asshole that is exposed and vulnerable. His dick hardly fits for him to stop, and she begs. However, this only sends the cruel taskmaster to a frenzy until she cant stop cumming and he slams her tight asshole into submission. Since Kendra eyes roll back into her mind, Eddie blows a load of cum all on her rounded ass. She smiles and says thank you as the jizz blows off off of the penis.

Date: March 26, 2020
Actors: Eva I
Category: Submission

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