Reciprocal Analists –


Juliette (brown hair) and Bailey are relaxing in the living area when Juliette creates a movement on Bailey. She then kisses her deeply and strokes her thigh. The girls start kissing passionately. Juliette removes Baileys heels and strokes her long, slender legs. The girls keep fondling and kissing each others breasts and then eliminate Juliettes white button down top. Next off comes Juliettes bra, and the women continue kissing. Then Juliette starts sucking on her nipples and takes top of Baileys dress down. Juliette gets back and forth Bailey finger fucks her while stroking her clit. Bailey then starts eating Juliettes. She fingers and licks her till she comes. Subsequently Juliette turns over, and Bailey finger fucks her in the ass. Juliette lies and Bailey moves down on her again, feeding her pussy till she has another orgasm. The girls kiss again. Juliette starts eating Bailey out. She moans and finger fucks her pussy, shoving her tongue and sucking on her labia. Juliette then begins stroking Baileys ass hole with a circular movement. She inserts one, then two fingers into her anal opening. Juliette sucks and licks Baileys pussy while fingering her ass until Bailey reaches orgasm, then together with her sphincter. A passionate kiss is then shared by the women.

Date: February 3, 2020
Actors: Bailey / Juliette
Category: Lick & Suck

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