Reward If Found –

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Scene .Chayse works at the massage parlor as a masseuse, but she is having trouble focusing on her job now because she’s lost her pet and is very concerned about him. Tommy finds the puppy and returns it to her. Chayse is so thankful that she offers to give him a free massage for a reward. Tommy happily accepts and Chayse directs him into the area where she quickly sees him and carries him into the shower. She intended to wash off him, but she’s so happy her puppy is back and so grateful to Tommy she simply goes for her knees and sucks his cock. She provides him head for a couple of minutes then takes him to the bed where she covers the two their own bodies at the oil and starts sliding up and down his body. She can feel his hard dick against her body so that she gets up on top and slides it inside her tight pussy. Tommy is somewhat shocked. He was just doing a fantastic deed and returning this girl’s dog and now she’s on top of him and letting him fuck her. She sucks his dick till He’s ready to burst then she jumps off, strokes him and lets him burst his hot load all over her stomach where she squeezes it and tastes his jizz because she licks her fingers

Date: January 4, 2019
Category: Foot fetish

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