Riley Shy –


A smokin redhead for Valentines day? When we booked Riley for a scene, she told us she hasnt done several shoots. When we asked why, she admitted that she was fearful of their dicks. Riley is a petite redhead with a ass and an athletic body, and needless to say, a complete mane of scarlet hair that is red. When she revealed her phobia Dogfart might have perhaps looked during our stable of black bucks, and chose out one more suitably sized to match our miniature honey. But, being the expression cock he is, he paired her up with our hottest and one of our most talented in the pants bruthas”Ice Cold”! This dude looks like someone tied his dick to a truck bumper and pulled him around the”hood” several times. His dick looks as though it should have a reel attached to keep it. The word firehose springs to mind! We hope that you enjoy this pairing, with our meatslinger together along with his crotch monolith and a small redhead!

Date: January 23, 2020
Actors: Riley Shy
Category: 1 on 1

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