Rowan – Letter to a Lover –


The delight of receiving a correspondence can be very intoxicating. It is Rowans blessed day if the article box is checked by her – and finds an envelope with a sweet gift inside. Rowans sense of smell is going to go mad if she gets a wiff of inside.hmmm… Rowan is genuinely aroused by scents – the smell of pussy, the smell of underwear, the smell of armpits and theramones. She forgets about the camera beats wickedly and as she reaches a state of intense arousal, in this awesome film and loses herself at the present time. Her ORGASMs (and she’s 3 in this picture ) are really personal and INTERNAL her breath suggests to us, that she’s one horny wild woman.

Date: August 9, 2019
Actors: Rowan
Category: Hairy

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