Sativa Rose’s Bad Date –


Sativa isn’t a woman, her date was and has not apologized so she locks him into her own cellar until she is about to administer the discipline. Sativa blows off the smile although entering in sexy lingerie, indicate believes this could be some kinky match. Pulling his jeans down she alternates between slapping his cock and sucking it. . .pain and pleasure, pain and pleasure. Stripped entirely using all his balls attached, marks confront is used as a chair for Sativas ass. She grinds all over his lips and noseordering him to lick and smell her gender. She rides his cock making sure he knows that she must cum 20, once she is stimulated . Satisfied, her ass is put on by Sativa. She massages his prostate and he cums all over herself just like a little whore.

Date: September 11, 2019
Category: Fetish

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