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A knobby is found by her when naive stepdaughter Haley Reed sifts by her stepmother Ashley Fires table. It turns on and off massages her underarms. Ashley walks in and explains its massager. Ashley knows its time to the talk If Haley looks at her blankly. She explains its for its normal and self-relaxation. Ashley sets the vibrator onto Haleys breasts and it gets her tingle. When Ashley discovers that Haley still hasnt had her very first kiss, she kisses her passionately, as her hand moves. She rubs Haleys pussy over her panties making it crystal very clear that that can never be found out about by her father. She places Haley on the mattress and gets them both undressed. Her panties are wet at the crotch. Ashley pulls them apart and makes out with her pussy. Haleys been scared to touch even though the girls at school talk about it. Ashley shows her where to touch, directly on the clit, also uses her mouth. Haley enjoys it she cums with Ashleys finger and suckles her stepmothers breast. In eating pussy ashley goes back to let Haley gain experience. Haleys clit licking makes Ashley so joyful she cums. Haley is rimmed by the MILF while massaging her pussy until she awakens out of cumming. Ashley sit and feeds the adolescent her asshole while she moans an orgasm. Then Ashley both cum hard from the tribbing and sets her shaved wet pussy on Haleys!

Date: July 23, 2020
Actors: Nuz
Category: Face sitting

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