I&severe;ve been having a tough time. Has not really was dressing as a slut, but she stays out all night partying. She believes she tip toes towards the doorway trying to not wake me and I dropped asleep. I grab the opportunity to sneak her up. I threaten to make her live with her church moving reverend dad and my sexy daughter begs me to not do this. She agrees to some treatment for curing a slut. I bind her tits in a chest harness then push a large ballgag into her mouth. The drool runs from her mouth. As I rope up her elbows welding them together leggy Terra is protesting by her gag. I tell her discipline is hurting me more than it’s hurting her. I catch her phone and watch pussy pictures she&extreme;s been sending men on Tinder and now I’m infuriated. I lay her back and tie her booted up ankles then move up with her pussy giving crotch rope to her burying it upon her buttocks cheeks. Terra struggles on the floor becoming used to the tight bondage then I roll her to put her in a great tight hogtie pulling her booted ankles up to her wrists. No clubbing for you tonight Terra!! I leave my slutty girl gagged, bound and rolling around on the floor.

Date: November 10, 2019
Category: General porn

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