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After nearly 7 months, we could get Mr. Joe Strong back into our studios. This muscle building 25 year old from Puerto Rico now resides right here in Miami. Hes single in the moment and smiles as he tells us its an excellent thing: I can do whatever I’d like! He also h as been traveling and seeing friends and family back home in Puerto Rico because we saw him and performing an adult movie or 2 . As he confessed a threesome with a 27, when we asked him what the sex hed had since we saw him he grinned. A guy that told him why his girlfriend enjoyed him approached Time Square him. From curiosity he asked to meet her. So they encouraged him up to their suite at the W 15, she was hot. There, the champagne flowed and the 2 began fucking since Joe watched. After a couple of the brazilian boy asked him to join . He finished up fucking them both! Fucking the boy because his own girlfriend saw proven to be one of the trendiest items hes. He loved looking down at his huge uncut cock watching the couple take turns on his torso as they made out. That was sexy –I’ve got pictures! he chuckles. Hasnt bust and joe doesnt like to jack off a nut about 5 days. He prefers to get somebody else take his load from him. Settle down, boys! . . .The line forms to the best! Whilst groping his penis through his camo cargos with the 23, joe starts to rub himself. As he sits back hes not looking to waste anytime so his top comes off, then followed with his own shorts and begins playing through his black briefs. His crotch starts to fill out as he works it using both hands on dick. As are his large biceps, his pecs are defined. He has a row of characters which help frame his abs and tribal, ink as well as exemplified. This boy is HOT! His hot bedroom brown eyes simply ooze sex because he gazes in your own direction. He peels off his briefs to show his bicho. His enormous meat is thick and meaty . No wonder that his cock was the greatest in the area at the W hotel. He playfully slaps it as he bends and tugs at it. He has smooth nuts which are currently hanging holding a 5day reserve of Puerto Rican cream. He stands to give us a perspective of his penis and ass-ets. His framework is impressive and everything about him looks bigger than life. He keeps playing paying particular focus on his foreskin as he pulls it forward and shakes his beef back and forth holding just his overhang and sits . Since he retains his meat and pulls all the way back that you get to appreciate how big his now leaking cock. He stands up again and retains jackin his meat licking on his torso to include more lubrication. He looks delicious in only about every single angle. His thick thighs look amazing in contrast with his obviously smooth upper body. He proceeds exploring his cock and stroking it as he sucks his balls and sits back. His knob seems to glisten more an more he strokes. His eyes are clenched tight and his mind is put back as he continues his session. Its hes getting into his corner. The zone from which there is not any return. As his balls begin to pull getting ready to start his load he jacks faster and faster. He strokes faster and quicker paying eye on his knob and you can tell it’d be long now. He starts to moan and groan and he abruptly jerks forwards and aims his throbbing cock. awwww FUCK! …. He grunts because his beef crushes sending thick strands of leche caliente around the hardwood flooring below. He collapses into the chair with a look of bliss that we all can relate to. Any takers on clean up?

Date: February 14, 2020
Actors: Joe Strong
Category: Gay porn

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