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Chrome-domed Achilles is the kind of ghetto fantasy of your dreams: pull him pick on the player right off the street corner and have him show you precisely how large his meat is. . .if he would let a guy see it, that is. About the down-low, Achilles told us he always wanted to show his things and as you can see, there’s a good deal to show! There’s a tight, slender body under that oversize white , and since he dropped his trousers and we saw what had been banging around in those fighters, we knew that oversized tool was intended for, and we couldnt wait to observe every inch.nHe teases us as a professional, massaging that mound in his running shorts, playfully patting the bottom of his balls and the head of his penis – our jaws dropped when we noticed just how far down they suspended. Grabbing the bulge and then squeezing it, you might feel that the weight of those. He shows us his balls enormous eggs inside of his sack, naturally smooth and apparently so outsized, they hang down his thighs further then some cocks that are men do. Reaching to the surface of the waist band, he down it to show a nest and finallyhe unleashes the meat. . .and exactly what a slab of beef it is. Still only semi-hard and already a great 8 having a wicked curve plus a glistening, leaking helmet of a head, this ten-inch fudgesicle appeared nice enough to eat. Stroking that cock the quantity of meat was extraordinary, as was up his nuts took how much space between his buttocks. . .too much to close his legs. He takes his hands away and makes his penis stand, bob and weave by itself, like a anaconda hissing and getting ready to spit. Those eggs that were gigantic began to collect and his sack was high and tight as though his body had inhaled his babymakers. Achilles lets an oh yeah, so low you can barely hear it, and then lets . His abdomen is covered by the first blast, the blast hits him in the neck, and the middle is filled in by also the third. Ivory and ebony never looked so great!

Date: May 15, 2019
Actors: Achilles
Category: Gay porn

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