Superdry wetting on the beach –


It is summertime and I’m enjoying the sunny days by going to the beach. My powder blue jacket, black mini skirt and pink jacket cover my Superdry diaper. The beautiful views with golden sand and blue sky are what I display, and I then walk along the busy promenade that is bustling with day-trippers. My skirt is lifted to show a glimpse of my diaper. I can’t resist giving my bulge, which is quite prominent, a quick squeeze. IaEUR(tm), who has been drinking sodas at a nearby café, are now catching up to me and it is time for me to empty my bladder. As I confidently sit down, I put my diaper on the fullest before filling my bladder with warm water. My wetting is beginning to show as the thick padding starts to clump up. I feel my hands reaching down for the result. The contrast between the plastic rustling and my warm, soggy crotch is amazing. It’s a pleasure to be at the beach!

Date: September 15, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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