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Mistress Kyile Rogue and Goddess Nicki Ortaga decide they would like to have some fun with their unworthy slave. Since Goddess Nicki pulls on this particular slaves filth sacs by the rope they’re tied to, Mistress Kylie makes the decision to produce this bitch fuck her tight pink pussy using a chindo secured to his fuck hole. Mistress Kylie starts to ride her slaves face until she’s an intense orgasm, meanwhile Goddess Nicki rebounds and strokes on his filth sacs instructing him he better not release his filth until Mistress Kylie is done along with his face. Following Mistress Kylie has had her orgasm, they start to tease this worthless good for nothing bitch till he emptys his filth all over. Shortly after, Goddess Nicki and Mistress Kylie collect his filth, pull off his chindo and make him eat all his filth since he is looking somewhat underweight.

From: Blacktgirls.com
Date: September 13, 2020
Actors: Jewel
Category: Fetish

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