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Lately the 9-5 gig is draining every ounce of energy Ive got. I go home nightly and rub my warm pussy until it gets all creamy while images of large black dick dance around my mind. One day I eventually snapped and put on a deep temper to Shane Diesel at his desk. I caught him catching quick peeks at my panties and my titties which almost busted in my top. Business soon turned to delight as this English slut got on her knees for black dick which rivaled the girth of Big Ben. Slamming it my mouth had been getting me wetter and wetter by the minute as his meat rod made its way past my tonsils and right into my gut. I tried to not make as much noise so we wouldnt get captured but try taking to a dark dick that dimension without yelling….you didnt! Ive never known pleasure like this because its been too long because my slit was treated to some black penis lunch. Every time he awakened in me brought me closer to another orgasm and I was the luckiest English girl on the planet when his flooding of black spunk coated my head. Next time Ill listen to this offices sexual harrassment policy movie.

From: BlacksOnCougars.com
Date: January 2, 2019
Actors: Taylor Wayne
Category: 1 on 1

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