Two Godess’s and Two Cucks.. –


Amadahey and Rilynn know there slaves have been waiting to accept there cocks. The Goddess&severe;s make there lube up there penis by sucking them like whores. Following the Mistress&extreme;s cocks are all nice and lubed the Mistress´s flex there husbands and fuck there small man pussies. The Goddess´therefore make the loser beg since the husbands are given a brutal pounding by them, for there cocks. The Goddess take off sneakers exposing there stocking feet. The Goddess&severe;s then put so that there cocks inside there assholes have nice and deep, there husbands in the pile driver positions. The Goddess nonstop fuck there husbands fuck some more.

Date: July 9, 2019
Actors: Goddess Amadahy
Category: Strapon

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