You Never Know What May Happen –


I think I had a very first telephone conversation with Brian during my second or next trip to LA, yep, this is how long weve been flirting with each other, 5 weeks of sexual tension just building up, Brian has been sweet, offering help me find a place, whatever I might need, (Should I didnt really have a GPS he wouldve been in real trouble) however our paths never did cross, until now that is. Entirely worth the wait, Brian is really hot, an extremely ardent lover, was that it all of the fantasizing we’d time , was it we had been connected and had somehow began some kind of friendship, and I have no idea, all that I could tell you is that he had been a terrific fuck, you really never know what may occur?

Date: January 6, 2020
Actors: Tara Holiday
Category: Oral

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