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Lyra Law should submit from time to time. She spends her days working as a professional dominatrix and joys herself by inflicting pain upon others. However, occasionally she wants to be managed by someone else, and when that craving stems she always calls us. She is hard in every way which you could picture and she loves to get fucked senseless with our persistent machines. Lyra walks on our collection wearing an adorable white school girl mini skirt and a knotted halter shirt that perfectly frames her natural, sexy, small breasts. Wearing knee high stockings and black canvas shoes she seems like she just arrived at her first day of school. The lights glow off of her glowing blonde hair and her lips exude an innocent sexuality she painted a deep dark hue of crimson. She is nothing short of easy, natural, beauty at its finest. First she slowly peels off her clothes revealing her smooth, soft skin inch by inch, slowly and buttocks exposing her little perky nipples and her tiny pink pussy. She gently begins to lick at her pussy and shows us that it is already wet with desire. Lyras insatiable sexuality leaps across the screen and beckons you to come in closer. To be closer. Right there along with her. To use her athletic figure in any manner that you want. She takes out a vibrator and delicately teases her clit, slowly warming up herself for the forthcoming hours of cuming. The Hitachi dances over her hungry cunt and she squeals with pleasure. Probing her pussy with her hands she starts to have one orgasm after another. She stares right at you and also makes sure that this is exactly what you desire. She rolls and rolls her body in ecstasy once she understands that it is OK to cum. And oh does she ever cum. Breathless she spreads her legs and allows the very first machine permeate her whore hole. Her tight pussy is soaking wet and the dildo gradually starts to probe the deepest parts of her appetite, testing the limits of her lust. The machine begins to go faster. Her eyes lighting up. That is where she would like to be. On her back, legs spread, being fucked senseless. . .god how she overlooked this. Her back arches, so her eyes rolls back in a bliss so complete she starts to lose herself in the present time. One orgasm turns into 2 and then into an never ending chain of multiple orgasms. Hungry for more she rolls onto her hands and knees and bends her body into a swooping doggie fashion. The device keeps moving and invisibly forward. The sweat glistens off her lower spine as she arches in delight. Her entire body begins to quiver and her ass starts to gyrate in excellent rhythm with the machine. It bounces in bubbly perfection and cum drips from her pussy as she rubs her clit with delight. Collapsing breathlessly she rolls over and offers her tight little asshole to electricity of the fucking machines. Lyra then proceeds to get fucked in her ass until she yelps a joyous scream that may be heard from miles around. The pleasure doesn’t appear to cease and she licks the dildo back and forth in her asshole then in to her pussy not knowing which pit craves the attention more. And, in a last moment of ecstatic bliss she yells and each inch of her body trembles in cum passion. Satiated she smiles with delight. Lyra Law obtained the machine fucking she had been craving!!

Date: January 13, 2019
Actors: Lyra Law
Category: Domination

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