You’re Just Going To Have To.. –


Kandy asks Kandy to pat her slaveaEUR ™, and he replies, aEURoenoaEUR. Kandy laughs, aEURoeas if he could! Kandy giggles when he answers, “aEURoenoaEUR” and Kandy laughs as he says, “aEURoeas for if he could!”aEUR Kandy pulls back the camera, showing the slave hanging from the ceiling with spreader bars separating his ankles. Kandy starts by giving him her love-taps, wearing her running shoes. Many slaves would be brought to their knees by this, but not this one! Kandy kicks the slave like a hard rock and makes him even more aggressive. She continues to kick the slave, but one of her testicles has disappeared inside his body. He is squirmished by her affections, and she strokes both his hands until the nuts drop again. He is rubbed and stroked by her, but she then suddenly kicks his groin. He is still being stroked by her, but she seems to be more alert because he sees what’s coming. Kandy replies that the slave shouts aEURoefuckaEUR, but she doesn’t know why. It just means he needs more kicks. Soon, the sounds of flesh and flesh fill the air as she takes off her shoes.

He starts to get rubbed with her upper hand, but just as the slave seems to be breaking, she strokes him again. She says “AEURoePoor little baybeeaEUR” as she strokes the cock of his slave before lifting it up to slap his nuts. She continues to kick. Although the slave is in pain, his stubbornness tells him that he’s not. He turns on with more kicks. Kandy pulls at his cock hard, rocking the slave forward on his tips toes. This forces him back. She delivers another kick to the battered fruits, unable to see. He alternates with her kicks, one for each foot. Then she yanks at his cock. He continues to stroke his feet, which leads to more stroking. Kandy follows him behind and grabs at his feet as he pulls the nuts to the ground. She is more cruel to him the more she hits. Then she kicks, punches, and slaps his feet. He must be tortured for his balls and cock. She pulls her cock under his legs, and then between his feet, humiliating him. As she repeatedly hits his pussyaEUR(tm) with her camel toe, aEURoe This scene is pure gold!

Date: September 13, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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