You’re The Most Disgusting.. –


Your devotion to Princess Lily and her only has been drilled into you. Because she will do anything for you, no matter how vile or horrible it is, Princess Lily has made you the worst slave you have ever seen. She stands over you, wearing her red pants. You are told that she kept you in that position all day to anticipate her arrival. It’s been all your dreams. Then, she hovers above you and gives you an incredible view. Finally, she sits down on your face. Her silky panties are so soft that you can smell her essence. As she rubs her face, her lips move in a fluttering motion that reflects her admiration for you as a slave. Her sweet, puckered eyes will make your mouth water and you’ll want to try her. You will feel like you’re on the ground in front of her with that upward view. She slowly takes out her pants and is then all over you. It is clear that when she finally sits down, it will only be her flesh all over your face. Do you want to let her lick your face or wait for her?

Lily speaks very affectionately to you. You have worked hard, and you are her favourite possession. Both of you know that your sole purpose in life is to follow what she tells you. Never question what she says, just do it. It makes every sacrifice seem small when she praises you. As she sits down, you can see her both pussy as well as her ass. But pussy will not be for you. Instead, you should focus your attention on her ass so she can have you sniff it. You are reminded by her that you will not touch her hands, but only your tongue. Although she tells you that she showers before going out with men, she says she doesn’t shower enough. A freshly shaved body isn’t what you want. You like all things dirty and you don’t mind being made fun of. As she explains how to tongue-fuck her, you can see the entire screen. She giggles, “You are so stupid you almost wish that I would feed your body!” As the conversation progresses, Lily stands over you and talks about farting and toilet duties for all of her friends. She also explains how you should wrap your lips around Lily’s hole to ensure she is performing her job. If you don’t get any, you can lick the floor. After you’ve been verbally humiliated to the max, Lily instructs you to touch your already-erect dicklette. She now hovers just inches from your face, and tells you that she has 10 seconds. As she counts down to 10, tormenting your every move, her anus fills up the screen until finally, “Cum for my pig”, and then sits completely onto you, plunging into darkness. Your slave is in fact the most horrible ever… you have never felt happier.

Date: May 26, 2022
Category: MILF

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